What kind of life do you want to create? I spend my days wearing multiple hats depending on the day and the season. In summer the day begins with tending our livestock which includes pastured pigs, several flocks of chickens, my horse and the assorted pets and barn kitty! I try to spend the early part of my day weeding our vegetable garden and checking for squash beetles and potato bugs which serves the dual purpose of caring for the plants as well as food for several flocks of chickens! Even my piglets will race when they hear me coming for their daily “salad” greens.

This time of year, I’m enjoying a more quiet existence and the fruits of my labor as they say. We are enjoying the canned fruits and freezers full of grass fed meats and vegetables and soups I prepared for these cold winter months. Now is a time for reflection and more self care along with preparing online programs and education.

I realize this probably sounds like an idyllic existence but there are many behind the scenes activities that are far less glamourous like cleaning out the hen house and mucking out the horse stall. In the spring I am often covered in mud, poo and horse hair! But after 20 years working full time, I gotta say, I really enjoy my cup of coffee on the deck overlooking my yard and pastures instead of driving to work at 8am! And I am a farm girl at heart and take great pleasure in living on this glorious farmstead with my husband and growing much of our own food. It’s certainly work but I love getting my hands dirty and feeling connected with with the earth.  My children loved this way of life and enjoyed healthy childhoods playing outdoors, climbing trees, caring for pets and of course a few bumps and bruises along the way. I know they’re all strong, healthy adults today because of it.

Now that my children are grown and off on their own, my passion is to help young families create their own version of a natural lifestyle for their own family. My deepest desire is to support women who are just starting their journey into parenthood to realize their dreams for a healthy, happy family. My work centers around helping busy, professional women between the ages of 25-40 who are stressed and worried about how to raise a healthy child but don’t have the time to research the products they buy or the foods they provide.  I give simple steps and guidance to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals in the home. This allows parents to have peace of mind and feel empowered that they are doing all they can to provide a safe home environment for their children so they can worry less and focus on doing the things they love with their families.

If this interests you, give me a shout out for information on my programming. For now, it’s time to put another log in the wood stove and a cup of tea!

Be Well and Kind,