My mission is supporting women in creating a low tox, natural lifestyle so they and their families can thrive!  

Certified Health Coach & Natural Living Educator

I received my certification as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and although I believe nutrition is fundamental for good health, I realized there were more pieces to the puzzleThis led me to dig deeper so I could better understand why chronic disease is becoming the norm.

In my advanced training in Environmental Health, I learned how daily, low dose exposure to toxic chemicals we come in contact with every day affects human health. Over 80% of chronic disease is caused by lifestyle choices, many of which we have the power to control.

We are bombarded everyday by hundreds of harmful chemicals that wreak havoc with our hormonal, immune, and nervous systems. Often, we are not aware of these exposures or the connection of how these chemicals are affecting our health and especially our children.

The focus of my practice revolves around “Clean Living” which includes which foods to avoid as well as replacing home care and personal care products which contain harmful ingredients with more natural options that don’t compromise your health.

It’s this knowledge, that we CAN make a difference in our family’s health by the choices we make every day, that I’m passionate to share with other women. 

When we know we are doing the best we can; we relax and have the peace of mind to enjoy the life we are creating with our family.